Comparative study between ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL and ReSTOR ® +3.0 D IOL

ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL

ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL with ACTIVEFOCUS TM optical design for the patients with energetic lifestyles, such as those who participate in activities requiring more intermediate (53 cm/21 in) and distance (4 m/13 ft.) vision. They are not willing
to compromise distance vision for a full range of vision. Yes, they definitely desire more opportunity for a range of vision versus mono-focal. The users might prefer an alternative to mono-vision along with increased spectacle

Cataract surgery with Restor lens!

The ACTIVEFOCUS optical design is crafted to take those patients’ distance vision a step further while offering the well balanced near as well as intermediate efficiency with the objective of reducing spectacle dependency for tasks like driving and dashboard viewing while driving, playing or watching live sports & attending
theater or performance events live. Active-lifestyle individuals join activities that
need intermediate as well as distance vision such as golf, tennis, home cleaning and also driving.

ACTIVEFOCUS TM  Optical Design Using sharp distance vision plus well balanced
efficiency at near as well as intermediate focal points, the AcrySof ®  IQ ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL features are 7 diffractive steps, 3.4 mm diameter diffractive region (8.4 mm 2  total diffractive area), large peripheral zone that allocates more light to
distance as pupil size increases, 0.94 mm-diameter central refractive zone dedicated fully (100%) to distance vision, -0.2 μm negative asphericity.

The result?
ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL designates a lot more light to the distance focal point at
every pupil size, however, particularly in mesopic problems.

Light distribution at a 3.0 mm pupil aperture:
 Distance: 69.4%
 Near: 18.0%
 Total: 87.4%

ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL
ReSTOR ® +2.5 D IOL

ReSTOR ® +3.0 D IOL

Ophthalmologists should recommend IQ ReSTOR® +3.0 D IOL with a pupil-adaptive layout for their appropriate patients who desire a broad range of vision from 16 inches (40 cm) to distance. Their greatest opportunity for spectacle independence
and to engage in a variety of activities requiring near, intermediate and distant focal points

ReSTOR ® +3.0 D is being developed to minimize spectacle dependency in all distances for the broadest array of vision, this sophisticated IOL can aid your patients refocus on the activities they love: Reading, Cooking, Playing cards &
Watching TV.

Providing exceptional performance at whatsoever distances, the AcrySof ® IQ ReSTOR ®+3.0 D IOL includes a pupil-adaptive optical design crafted to maximize efficiency in all lighting conditions with the following features: 9 diffractive steps spaced closer together, a larger diffractive region (3.6 mm diameter, 10.2mm 2  area), an 0.86 mm-diameter central diffractive zone dedicated 60% to the near focal point (40% to distance) & negative asphericity of -0.1 μm

The result?
ReSTOR ® +3.0 D IOL disperses light much more
uniformly in between the near and distance focal
points in photopic problems, preferring distance
much more as the pupil broadens in mesopic

Light distribution at a 3.0 mm pupil aperture:
 Distance: 59.0%
 Near: 25.5%
 Total: 84.5%

ReSTOR ® +3.0 D IOL
ReSTOR ® +3.0 D IOL